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Since 2019, EagleOwl was determined to play a pivotal role in contributing to the development of the Digital Transformation industry in Egypt. Today EagleOwl achieves this by accomplishing their mission of providing the markets they operate in with quality, value-added solutions and services that enable customers to achieve their business goals effectively and efficiently.
Capitalizing on their leadership in the Egyptian ICT industry as a prominent system integration organization, EagleOwl International was founded as EagleOwl’s global subsidiary arm to venture into international markets. It was originally created to provide ERP & Hospitality implementation and support services, but eventually expanded to serve as a one- stop- shop for hospitality solutions and services. Broader installation and implementation services, specialized solutions that suit the hospitality market worldwide, consultation and project management are just a few of the global services developed to serve more customers around the world. EagleOwl International operates in the Middle East, Gulf, UK,



Care is at the heart of what we do. By adopting a caring approach towards our people , we provide opportunities for them to realize their true potential and promote a culture of openness and respect. In this way, We take care for our clients, too, by embracing their objectives and offering unrivalled services that meet their needs Our vendors


To us, commitment is a philosophy and a way of life. It is embedded in our culture, our policy and our dealings. We are passionately committed to our clients: to understand, manage and respond to their needs, ensuring relentlessly to deliver services of distinction and share our know-how and expertise. We are also committed to regular reviews and continually seek ways to improve how we work, with a genuine desire to empower our clients and help them succeed.


Agility is a value we have taken to heart. We have a passion for seeking in spiration in unusual places, delving into the realm of markets and keeping an eye on new trends. Dynamic with eclectic mindsets, our people can react with speed and flexibility on our client s’ behalf, remaining curious, responding promptly to change and acting swiftly with sound judgment, all while working as a cohesive team.







We have decided to help the customers in the market to fix the gaps they have been facing in the IT industry.




Main Office : 302 Labs F2-J2 Nasr City - Cairo

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